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Acura ProFirst Collision Repair Facility

As an Acura owner, you take pride in your vehicle, and when you get into an accident you want to make sure the certified trained professionals are repairing it. V&J Auto Body is an Acura ProFirst Collision Repair Facility, what does this mean? Being a ProFirst Certified shop means that we have to go through the rigorous process of qualifying to repair Acura vehicles. We have met all the required criteria including, equipment, technicians, education, and facilities. We take pride in being an Acura ProFirst Shop, we always want to make sure that your vehicle is being repaired as the manufacturer intended.

In this day and age, it is important that your vehicle is brought back to manufacturer specifications and in a manner that is recommended by Acura, they built the car so they know exactly how to repair it. We simply follow their directions. After your accident, we work with your insurance company to negotiate the cost of the repairs on your behalf. Once they understand what it takes to properly repair your vehicle we begin the teardown and blueprinting process. This process is also where we build the repair plan, using our knowledge and training we make a unique repair plan for your vehicle. Two repair plans are never the same, we take the time and care to make sure that your vehicle is handled properly. During the repairs we document everything that was done to the vehicle to make sure that in the unlikely event of a problem down the road we know exactly what was done to your vehicle.

After repairs are completed we being our quality control and testing process, we start with a 120 point inspection of your vehicle this makes sure everything about your vehicle is function as designed. Once your vehicle passes this inspection we perform an Acura required Post Repair Scan, using an Acura authorized scan tool. This will help to uncover any other problems that are not uncovered just looking at the vehicle or the instrument panel. If your vehicle needs to be calibrated or if we have any problems with your vehicle that we are not equipped to handle we work with our partnering Acura dealership to get your vehicle in for service and all the problems solved. Once your vehicle has passed both the 120 point inspection and the Post Repair scan we being the detailing process, from Bumper to Bumper we detail every aspect of your vehicle.

V&J Auto Body along with a goal of the Acura ProFirst Certified Collision Repair Facility is that we return your vehicle to you as nice as the day you bought it. Not all body shops are created equal, and that is why you can trust your Acura to V&J Auto Body, an Acura ProFirst Certified shop.