Jeep - FCA Certified

Collision Repair Facility



Jeep is not just a brand of American automobiles. It is a lifestyle that is embraced by almost the entire consumer fanbase. This gives Jeep very high expectations from their customers on the repairs and service of their vehicle. In order to accomodate these high standards of service, Jeep has Jeep - FCA Certified Collision Repair Facilities. As if being a Jeep - FCA Certified Collision Repair Facility is enough, V&J Auto Body also has several employees deep in the Jeep fanbase, including one manager involved in the management of a social Jeep club on Long Island.

It is easier to fix a Jeep according to the customer's expectations when your employees themselves are heavily embedded into the Jeep lifestyle. We are able to tend special care to your vehicle because we understand what it means to own a Jeep.

We understand that to a Jeep owner it is more than just a car. The moment the Jeep is checked into V&J Auto Body, we begin the tear down process, documenting every detail along the way no matter how big or small. We write down every part down to the nuts and bolts to give us a track record of the repairs. We then negotiate with the insurance company in order to repair your Jeep back to the condition it was before the accident had even happened. We then place the parts order for your Jeep from another Jeep - FCA Certified Car Dealership in order to ensure the full backing of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles of United States, LLC. After we finish the repairs, painting, and reassembly of your vehicle we put your vehicle to the test. Your Jeep is given a 120 point inspection test to ensure that everything is working as intended. But the 120 point inspection is not enough, so we take the car for a road test until we're confident the car is driving smoothly. We also run a diagnostics test to make sure that the vehicle systems are all functioning properly. Over at V&J Auto Body, we understand that retaining the value after a car accident is very important, and with our Jeep -FCA Certified Collision Repair Facility, we hope to satisfy every customer by making sure the value of their Jeep does not depreciate from an accident. We are trained on how to understand what is going on in the brain of your vehicle and to make sure it is operating perfectly! By following this process, we strive to be your best decision after your collision. We understand what it is to be a part of that lifestyle because we are a part of that lifestyle. We treat your car like it is our car during the repairs, making sure it is pristine and clean once the repair has finished.