Thanking the Heroes


Doing Our Part

The numbers in the beginning of the pandemic in the state of New York were tough to fathom. We at V&J have tried to do everything in our power to give back to the heroes on the frontlines.

This is an update on the behind-the-scenes activity V&J has been doing during the pandemic:

In Our Shop

The unpredictability of COVID-19 has been a largely uphill battle. To combat this, V&J Autobody has been working under the mindset that every vehicle brought to the shop during this time is infected.

For the safety of our employees, and for both the safety and courtesy of our customers, V&J has invested in a disinfection system that sanitizes vehicles, allowing them to be safely worked on. We then sanitize the vehicle using powerful fogging equipment to guarantee the vehicle is COVID free upon customer pick up.

At both the facilities, we have created new standard codes to slow the spread of the virus. We have installed screens between the customers and our office workers. We require all employees to be wearing a mask at all times, even those who are not interacting with others.

Charitable Donations

V&J has made several donations of supplies in the early stages of the outbreak, including over one thousand face masks ranging from N95 to N99 to various hospitals and essential businesses including:

  • Northshore University Hospital
  • Northshore LIJ
  • CVS Pharmacy

In the Community

The V&J Family has felt that simply donating masks is not enough. We took it upon ourselves to mobilize our disinfection and sanitation process. After a successful trial run, we disinfected over 35 hospital vehicles at Huntington Hospital. The success of this initiative has led us to work with hospitals, law enforcement, and ambulance companies to further disinfect vehicles of COVID-19 in a mist form.

This has been a very difficult process due to the difficulty in securing the products used to disinfect, and producing it on a mass scale in a format that does not damage the interiors of vehicles.